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i smell like dog shampoo.

doctors suck ass.

sooo, when you go to the fred hutch center they give you a schedule every week with all of your appointments on it. last week i got a schedule on thursday because i wasn't going to be there on friday. on thursday, my happy little schedule said that i had *1* appointment on monday (today) at 4pm. soooo, i stayed up way too late last night because i could, and woke up at 1 in the afternoon. 15 minutes later i get a phone call saying that i had missed my 1pm appointment, and that i have another one in an hour.


so much for my go out and have fun plans during the afternoon. =P

i got home around 5:30, called up the cowboy, and he brought me flowers! yay =)

that's the last time i'll be able to have fresh flowers around me for awhile. when i'm in the hospital they don't allow me to have flowers in my room because flowers can have bugs on them that carry diseases... or something. everyone's so anal. =P but, i guess i should be a little anal if i want everything to go smoothly.

back to my evening... zane and my whole family went out to dinner at the california pizza kitchen. mmmmmm... bar-b-q chicken pizza and chocolate souffle cake. i completley stuffed myself because it tasted so damn good, and because i can't eat anything before i go in for surgery tomorrow morning. stupid bastards originally had me scheduled for 9, which meant i could wake up at 8... but now i'm scheduled for 8, which means waking up at 7. grrrrrrrrrrrr. 5 and 1/2 hours of real sleep on my tummy for the last time. *sigh* it's so depressing. part of me doesn't want to go to sleep at all. i should empty out my savings and fly to italy. since all the airlines are supercheap right now, i bet i could live happily for a couple of months without having to work. *sniff* i will go back there... soon.

soooo... yeah. hickman lines suck ass. la la la la la.

i called leenie and talked to her for a little bit. i'll call her snot princess for awhile, cause she sounded *super* stuffed up. poor baby =( i bet it's sympathy sickness for me. hehehehehehe. andy showed up at her store so i got to talk to him for a little bit too. he wants me to think of him when i put on my underwear in the morning.... hmmm..... yeah. silly strutting flying monkey.

hrm.. ooh, i found out that i'm going to be admitted into the hospital at UW *this* saturday, and that tuesday the 13th is when my stem cells are supposed to arrive. the 13th will be known as my "day zero" and from there the fred hutch center will treat me until day 90-100, when i'll be released to go back to my original oncologist here in bellevue. hopefully everything will be wonderful, and 3 months from the 13th i'll get mr. stupid tubie *out* *for* *good* yay. =)

i should get some sleep i guess. but i smell like dog shampoo... it's horrible. and no, it's not because i gave my wonderfully adorable puppy dog a bath. the doctors at the hutch gave me this "pre operation skin cleanser" and said i had to use it tonight in the shower, *AND* tomorrow morning before i go there. it's soooooo nasty. i feel like i've been flea dipped or something. ugh.

that sounds so attractive, huh? hehehehe. leukemia is so sexy. cancer chic. yeah... i can see it on the runways next fall. all the models will shave their heads and have iv's hanging off of them.

the sad part is that people would probably call a show like that brilliant. i should go to fashion school. i have no talent and i want to be rich! i can fake an accent too. bye bye UW, helloooo fashion world. just wait til i get better.


i can't believe all of this shit is starting tomorrow. it's so scary. i'm gonna miss seeing everyone! hopefully i'll be able to have some visitors, and i'll try my hardest to keep updating/emailing. i've got a bad track record, but, well, i'm sick. heee.


*sara* =)
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