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lame entry time!

yesterday was good. yep yep yep.

i didn't cry once! and that's the first time i haven't cried since monday. *sigh*

so, ya, i woke up extra late, waddled around my house, and then my whole family met zane at factoria cinemas so we could all see rush hour 2. ever since i was re-diagnosed or whatever i should call it, my family has wanted to do *everything* they can with me while i'm still feeling well. my brother actually went into his work and quit his job so he could spend time with me this week. isn't that sweet? *i* think it's sweet.

rush hour 2 was good.. but the outakes at the end were funnier than the movie. i wish zhang ziyi (did i spell that right?) had a bigger part, cause i think she kicks ass, but oh well. jackie chan is still awesome. =)

sooo afterwards my mom, zane, and i went out to dinner at the galleria. yum yum yum. i was so full from movie theater popcorn with extra "butter" but, hey... i deserve to stuff my face. then we went into tower where my mom bought an endfest ticket. my brother decided to go with his friends, and i didn't really want to hang around his friends all day long, so my mom bought a ticket so i would have somebody to go with. (speaking of which, i should really start to get ready, cause I-90 is gonna be closed soon and traffic getting to the bremerton ferry is going to be ass)

then, after debating for an hour or so whether or not to go out, zane decided he would take me to the mercury. yaaaaay. i don't know when i'm going into the hospital next week, so just in case they decide to admit me next friday, i wanted to go out and wear my thigh high hooker boots god damnit! hehehe. and i did. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. i was going to get all slutty for the tool show and wear them there too... but oh my, they hurt my feet like a bitch!!!! there's no way in hell i'm standing in those things for hours. nooooooooooo way. i'll have to think of something else to wear. sorry leenie =(

any-hoo, i was happy to see all of my friends, and booty dance with colleen and tiffany 1 last time. yay =) my cowboy danced with me too!! hooray. =D

at about 1:30 took me home, and i passed out. now i need to get ready to go, but i'm so tired =( ugh. i'm sleeping in tomorrow, that's for damn sure.

this entry was lame... but, when i go into the hospital, they're putting the evil hickman line (tube) back into my chest. it makes my whole chest black and blue with bruises for a month. you think i'm kidding, but i'm serious. so, i probably won't be able to type very well. i still haven't decided which side i want it to go on yet... last time it was on my left side, so i lost mobility in my left arm until they took the damn thing out. that sucked cause i'm left handed... *but!* i sleep on my right side most of the time.. and if i have it switched to my right side this time, i'll be even more uncomfortable at night. ugh. decisions, decisions. i bet you're alllll jealous. ;)

k, byebye for now.
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