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my leukemia isn't in remission anymore.

last thursday i had a blood test, and i had been feeling pretty crappy all week with a fever. then yesterday morning my mom rushes into my room bawling because my doctor called and said he needed me to come in for a bone marrow test. apparently he saw things in my blood that looked suspicious, and he needed bone marrow to confirm whether or not i'm sick again.

so, yeah.. we're still waiting for the full results of the bone marrow, but from what my doctor saw, about 10-12% of the cells were resembling the early stages of leukemic cells. i go in next wednesday to "discuss my options" or whatever.

they can't do the same chemo that they did before...cause even though it put me in remission, i only stayed that way for 5 months. they're thinking about a bone marrow transplant... i'm not sure.. ugh.

so. yay. i begged my doctor to let me go to the concerts that i have tickets for this week, and he said ok, but that i needed to stop working and un-enroll at UW right away. so i'm going to endfest, even though i'll probably have a crappy time, and i'm still going to tool... thank god we have reserved seats.

other than that... back to the hospital? i don't know =(

i just want to be normal again.
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