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i should be studying right now, but i'm not!


i have SO much respect for people who go to school full time *and* have a job during the school year. this school/work shit is driving me crazy! i haven't had any time for myself lately, and sleep? ha... no sleep for sara =(

but, oh well!

i like my job, and my class is full of a bunch of people who must have seriously flunked the quarter before. no more summer classes for me! *shudder* it's so hard to sit in class and hear people try to make interesting statements to the professor with every other word being "like," "you know," and the ever popular, "whatever."


i'm gonna go waddle off and study, and hopefully update tomorrow, cause i have the day off. but.. some one just sent me an anonymous tip from saying that i should join the circus! hehehehe. see?

Congratulations! Just a Tip is happy to
compliment you.

Here is what the person sending this tip said:

This person feels you would make an
excellent ringleader, trapeeze artist, gy
mellon, and clown.
Should you decide to join the circus, this
person estimates that you would need 1
or fewer years of training to become a
successful circus performer.
You should join the Tennessee Valley
Tri-County circus.

whoever sent that is SILLY!!!!!! =D but i think being in the circus would be fun.

ok, study time. yaaaaay.

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