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work. school. work. school. work. school. work. school. work. school. work. school.


sleepy time now =)

at least i had a wonderful weekend with my cowboy. i spent WAY too much money on KICK ASS clothes and thigh high patent leather hooker boots at employee day at metro. la la =)

ooh! advice: don't pay full price for jurassic park 3

but, then again, you probably already knew that.

my class is full of a bunch of idiots who probably flunked the fucking thing last quarter. example? the professor asks "can you define what a 'social problem' is?"
then a stupid (i'm assuming) sorority girl raises her hand and says "a social problem is something that affects us, like, socially. you know?"

no. i don't know.

killme? please?


i have to sleep now.. or, well, i won't be awake enough to laugh at the dumbasses in my class or take out the trash and get raped in the alley when i go to work. hehehehehehe.

night night

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