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weekends are nice =)

yes, i know it's tuesday.. but yesterday and today were my saturday and sunday. =) ahh. i wish i didn't have to go into work tomorrow... but at least i don't have to open. and closing with jake is always fun. maybe the little girl who's stalking him will come by and beg him to let her stay over at his house again. hehehe. poor jake... being stalked by 15 year olds.

so, monday i stayed at home and did... ta-da! Nothing! hooray!!!!! i stayed in my pajamas alllllllllllllllll day long, ate jack-in-the-box takeout, and watched movies on tv while cuddling with zane. =D =D =D every day should be like that.


today was nice as well. i slept in til almost 2, and layed around the house all day until zane picked me up at 6. then we drove off into seattle to meet carl for dinner at the maharaja indian restaurant on pike street. yummy indian food! mmm mmm mmm. i wanted to take zane into toys in babeland so he could see the hello kitty vibrator (yes, isn't that sad?? you pleasure yourself with hello kitty's head!), but they were closed for a "clit tricks" class. lame! lamelamelame. so we played some old school video games, said goodbye to carl, and then headed off down rainer ave. to zane's dojo for his ninjutsu class.

i had offered to take pictures of the class with mr. fuji, so i got a couple of good class shots... but they decided to do ground fighting techniques, so the rest of my pictures look like little black blobs, cause the kids in their black uniforms are basically mounting eachother and rolling around in little balls. *hrmph* =P~ i'll have to take mr. fuji back there on a night when they're doing weapons training. la la la.

so... *yawn* i'm sleepy. i wanted to come home and watch tv, but noooo, my whole family is in the other room watching the learning channel or the discovery channel or SOME educational channel that's showing a fucking brain surgery operation from start to finish.


and they're sitting in there EATING cake while watching it.

my family is fucked up.

i think i'll go play more conker's bad fur day... =)
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