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i just worked 5 days in a row, and now it's time for my weekend! yeehaw.

i get monday & tuesday off, work wednesday (mop night... oh joy!), thursday off, work friday, and then saturday and sunday off! =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D

oh... wait. i start my summer class at UW this week. blech. i keep telling myself "you'll graduate sooner, just take the fucking class," but goddamnit, it's summer and i want to play. playplayplayplayplay.

oooh, and i got paid today too! yay =) stupid money that gets taken out of paychecks... i claimed 3 expemptions on my tax thingie, and they *still* took $30 out! stupid fuckers. i think i should go change it to 4.


so, work has been going pretty well. everyone has been *really* nice to me, and i have a lot of fun there. yesterday nik made me put on a pair of red angel wings for "shits n' giggles," (her words, not mine) and they looked CUTE! i always thought the angel wings were lame accessories for "i'm oh, so goth" girls... but i liked them! i had ryan put on black ones and jake put on white ones and a tiara too. hehehehe =) we all looked HOT. hell yeah =) and i made star of the week last week (yay!) so i have an in store credit to spend spend spend... and i'm gonna spend it this weekend. i've picked out a pair of boots... oooh baby. they're MINE. that is, of course, if nobody buys them before i do...




it's been pretty slow lately, and we haven't really been selling that much, so there's an evil note downstairs saying, well... basically, "SELL OR LOSE YOUR JOB" =P~ !!! scary. i don't wanna lose my job. i like my job. yepyep.


colleen and i are gonna see tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks to chuckiebear for holding a pair of tickets for us, and to justin for fronting the money since i was at work and couldn't go pick them up. *lovelovelove*

=D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D

eating jellybeans out of maynard's pussy, here we come! =D hehehehehe

(don't ask)

we're gonna be the sexiest bitches at the show!! hell yeah =D i can't wait!!

let's see... what else.. oh! i went to the bruce campbell book signing at university bookstore earlier in the week. he was hillarious, *and* he was really nice. i felt bad cause there were SO many losers there asking him the lamest questions.

would you like an example?

"um, like, i know you've denied it on your homepage and in interviews and stuff, but, would there ever be a possibility of making an evil dead 4?"


poor bruce =(

i had him sign my book and my copy of the directors cut of army of darkness. yeeehaw! oh! and we got to tell him what we wanted him to write in our books, so, instead of having him write what he was writing in everyone elses ("gimmie some sugar") i had him write "hey sara, thanks for last night! love, bruce"

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha =D

he was cracking up, but he wrote it! yay =)

tomorrow i'm going bitch kitty bra shopping with my sexy leenie. *meow* haha, she's being taken to an ani difranco concert tonight. poor thing. i'm sending her my pity. ;)

okiedokie... i think that's it for now. time to go lay down and pass out. i'm so fucking tired. =)

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