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colleen called me earlier and i don't have to go into work today until *5* instead of 4.


except... i'll have to leave my house at 4 so i can beat traffic going over I-90. stupid traffic. ugh. maybe i'll leave at 4:15 instead... hrm...


this weekend turned out to be ok after all! my cousin was cool, and i actually wish she could've stayed here longer. i think she needed to get away from her parents... but i bet things will still be shitty for her when she goes back to new york. her other cousins picked her up today and she's off to puyallup for 2 days before she flies to san fran for a week.

poor thing =( she didn't want to go to puyallup (and i don't blame her!), and we told her that she could stay here... but she didn't want to piss her parents off. i guess she didn't realize that her parents would've let her stay here. ohwell.

sooo, my weekend!

friday was cool. i opened, and my mom dropped addy off at the metro at around 2 so i could take her shopping all around broadway. my friend amy is up her visitng for 2 weeks cause her boyfriend chris is in france until august, so she came down and went shopping with us. addy's in her "hippy" phase right now, so i took her all over broadway and she got lots of stuff from urban outfitters.

then we came back to my house and hung out with zane for awhile. i was really fucking tired, and so was she... jet lag and a 6 hour flight. sooo, we went to bed kinda early.

saturday i worked from 12 - 8... and it was definitely my most interesting day yet. 3 people i knew came into visit me, which was cool... kinda. lindsey, one of zane's roomate's gilfriends, came in just to say hi and stare at all the shoes. hans, a friend of mine since highschool who goes to westpoint military school came by, and i convinced him to buy a pair of vinyl pants and a skin tight black shit to wear to rocky (!) hehehehehe, and then heidi came in. i dislike heidi. she was my best friend in highschool, but she treated me like shit, i got sick of it, and i haven't really talked to her since.

so, she comes in, acts all happy to see me, and i tell her to hold on a second and that i'll be right back. there was some convention going on last weekend or something, because there were a *lot* of gay, deaf guys coming into the store wearing name tags and stuff. i had been helping a gay, deaf couple for at *least* a half an hour before heidi came in, and i was *still* helping them. they couldn't read lips very well, and i don't know anything in sign language, so we had to write down everything to eachother. i told heidi i'd be right back, and when i came back 5 minutes later, she was gone!


i find out from my friend rob the next day that heidi said i told her "i'm busy" and that i went off "pretending" to help other customers, even though she could tell i was just ignoring her.


rob told her differently... but still. how can someone be so self centered to think that the whole fucking world revolves around her because i went off to help a fucking customer for 5 fucking minutes.


so, anyway.

then i get hit on by the weirdest guy... *shudder*

our conversation:

i see him standing by the patent leather thigh high hooker boots, and, since it's not unusual that guys try on women's shoes, i go over to ask him if he needs any help....

me: "hi, is there anything i can help you with?"

him: "god, i'd love to see you in a pair of these"

me: (nervous laughter) "oh, ok.. would you like to try anything on?"

him: "do you have a pair of these?"

me: (lying) "yes, i already have a pair at home, sorry"

him: (nervously) "well, did you buy them for yourself........ or... did... somebody buy them for you?"

me: "i buy my own shoes, thank you..."

him: "well, if you were MINE, you'd have so many pairs of shoes like these, you wouldn't know which ones to try on next"



i ran away and told him if he needed any help to let somebody know.

scary scary scary scary.

so, yea, i got off of work at 8, came home, passed out for an hour, hans and zane and rob came over, i did hans' and addy's make up, i did my own makeup, got my shit together, and then we all headed off to the theater! *phew!*

we met amy and her brother jason at the theater, so i had *5* people sitting in the audience for *ME!* YAAAAAAY. that never happens. my parents were gonna come too... but they seriously think that i'm gonna have justin torture them cause they're rocky virgins. hehehehehehe. =) i promised i wouldn't, but my mom doesn't believe me. besides... i'd rather have them come when i'm playing a cool part like magenta. as if that will ever happen again though =( blah.

the show went well, until the end when the projector cut out. being rocky was fun though =) jamie made an awesome frank, and i got to have sex with savannah... even though i told her to bend over and she laughed and said "no!" hehehehehe =)

i ended up leaving after the show was over, cause i had 5 people who didn't want to stay around for the cast meeting, and i won't be in next month's show anyway. i'm going to endfest! hell yeah! can we say uberzone???? how about keoki????? mwahahahahahaha =D YAAAAAY.

we all went back to zane's house and played pinball and pool until 4 am, when i started getting *really* tired and came home. hehehehe... i ended up sleeping in til 2 in the afternoon the next day. =D

yay for sleeping in!

yesterday i lounged around all day long, watched 2 movies.. requiem for a dream (which was really good!!!), and swimming with sharks (which we own, and addy hadn't seen before)

rob, addy, and i all stayed up talking til like 2:30, and then we crashed out. today i'm still dead, but at least i'll only be at work for 5 hours! YAY! and i get to close with jake. yeeeehaw! he's really cool... and it's so cute when little girls come in to tell him that they're stalking him cause he's so hot. hahahahahaha =) poor guy.

that's about it for now... i think i'm gonna go watch tv and wait for zane to get here on his lunch break. la, la, la, la.

if anybody's bored... come visit me at work! i close tonight, have tomorrow off.. and then... ugh. then i open wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, *and* sunday! woo! funfunfun.

and then school starts. blech.

k, byebye =)

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