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i'm such a slack-ass! jeeze.

this is what going on vacation does to me. i get thrown out of my usual routine, and it takes me about a month to figure it all out again. i still haven't unpacked from new york yet. my suitcase is still in the middle of my floor...


me <---------------------- LAZY

i can't even remember the last time i updated. oh yeah... the evil strap-on guy.


so, i've actually had the opportunity to work more and get to know the happy employees at the metro. so far, so good! yay. well, except for the standing up part. after laying down in a hospital bed for 6 months, my feet aren't exactly used to having all of my weight on them for hours on end. =P~~~~~~

my first night i was really scared... mainly cause jake wasn't talking to me that much, but i got to close with him again on monday and we were cracking each other up the whole time. he's really cool. closing with leenie was awesome, cause, well, she's my bitchkitty. and i've got to open twice with nik so far, which has also gone really well. nik is cool, she answers all of my questions and doesn't get annoyed if i forget something and have to ask again. i think i'm getting the hang of it....

i hope!

the customers are fucking hillarious though! i love it when the guys head right over to the girls section. =D there must be some sort of convention going on in seattle or something.. cause for the past 2 days we've had a whole bunch of gay, deaf guys come into our store wearing nametags. it's so cute watching them sign to eachother. yepyep.

arfarfarf. so i get to open tomorrow.. work til 2, and my cousin from new york (who i just freakin' saw) is flying in to visit for the weekend. so, i'm gonna take her shopping alllllllll around broadway, and maybe the ave. she's a troubled little thing. she's spoiled as fuck, her parents are super rich, buy her watever she wants... yet she treats them like shit. i think they're reasonable with her... she's 14 and all they ask is that she tells them where she's going and who she's going out with. oh, and that she's home by 1am. dude, my curfew at 14.. shit... it must've been.. 10? =P~ any-hoo, she's stolen her parents car (when she was 13), got picked up by the cops (on two different occasions), comes home *reeking* of perfume and heads right over to the cupboards for crackers or chips. her parents know she's smoking pot, and they've told her that it's ok to experiment, but smoking it every day, getting stoned at school, and having her grades drop from A's to D's in one year is fucked up. and she thinks they don't understand. *sigh*

so, i get to be a babysitter! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!


but... leenie said today at work that she, justin, and tiffany? i think she said tiffany... yeah.. =) that they're all going out for drinks after she gets off at 11. i wanna goooo. i figure my cousin, addy, will be tired from the plane ride over here and from shopping all day long, so i might as well go =)

oh! and aaron might go, cause he came into the store today! he moved back here! hehe =) it totally took nik by surprise.. she was just organizing a sale rack and saw him walk in the door, but she didn't realize it was him so she gave her usual metro greeting.. and then did a double take. hehehe. it was cool to see him again. his evil "friends" in new york kicked him out of his apartment and fired him from his job while he was on vacation. fuckheads. =P

leenie is one happy pixie!!!!!!!!!! ;)

k, i have to go clean my room so i can make room for my cousin to put her sleeping bag in. but, before i do, i just wanted to say that I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!! =D

he took me into seattle last night to see the fireworks over lake union.

neither of us wanted to drive and we were tired as FUCK, but he took me there!!!! we left at 9:30 (the show starts at 10!) and we found a real, legitimate parking spot!!!!!! so we walked like 3 blocks and *boom!* pentagram fireworks! SMILEY FACE FIREWORKS! SATURN fireworks!!!!

right over our fucking heads =) =) =) =) =) =)

the whole show was SOOOO pretty!!!!!!!! and we could see the elliot bay fireworks off in the distance. i LOVED IT!!

i was smiling the WHOLE time. i don't know if he knows how much it meant to me to see them. i was just thinking the whole time.. my god, i'm ALIVE to watch this. when i got home i cried cause i was so happy. hehehehe.

i'm sappy, shut up!

k. off to clean my room.


*sara* =)
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